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Web Advertising Opportunities

Web Avertising Opportunities on The Marple Website

The Marple Website is pleased to offer low cost advertising opportunities geared towards the local business community that can be of benefit whether or not you have your own web site. In addition, you will be helping to support the running costs of the Marple Website and The Virtual History Tour.

It's likely that you will be helping local good causes too, as The Marple Website has now donated £12,037 to local causes since 2006, an average of £1,000 a year for 12 years!

In 2017 donations of £40 were made to Mellor Archaeological Trust, £40 to Friends of Our Valley, £182 to Friends of Marple Memorial Park, £20 to sponsorship of Marple Street Poppies and £50 to the Town Centre Defibrillator Appeal. In addition, an investment of £1,000 was made in the Northumberland Arms Community Pub by becoming a share holder. This took the running total of funds invested in the local community by The Marple Website to £11,382 in the last 11 years.

In 2018 the Treasure Hunt in Memorial Park and the Street Poppy Appeal were sponsored for £50 each, tickets for Open Gardens in Marple were sponsored for £155, £100 was donated to Friends of Marple Memorial Park towards the new Ocean See-Saw in the Infants Play Area, £100 was donated to Marple Carnival to help keep it going in 2019 and 4 x £50 Christmas donations were made to New Horizons, Friends of Rose Hill Station, Friends of Marple Station and Compstall Community Council.

Although I can't promise to do this every year (now that I've retired from the day job) I would like to continue using surplus income from the banners for local causes whenever possible.

Banner Adverts on The Marple Website

stationery supplies

Advertising banners rotate at random at the top of The Marple Website, which receives in the region of 15,500 visits per month and over 36,000 page impressions. For no extra charge they are also included on the popular Forum and Notice Board. The banners are a great way draw attention to your business and can be linked directly to your own web site or to a 'Website Sponsor Page' if you don't have your own site (see below for more details).

The standard rental cost of a banner advert is just £2 per month (based on a 12 month agreement) plus a one-off £15 set up fee. Up to three copies of each the banners can be rented at £1 per month extra each, doubling or even trebling the frequency at which they appear. Provide your own suitable 468 x 60 banner or I can create a static one for you for an additional £20 using your graphics. I can also do animated banners like those featured in the body of this page starting from £35.

Banner rates quoted are for businesses located within the Stockport MBC boundary. If your business is located outside of this area then you may be accepted as a sponsor but the rates will be higher than quoted here. Full details can be provided on request.

There is also a special sponsors' area on the Marple Website Forum for advertisers to promote their business activities.

Banner Adverts on The Virtual Tour

Marple Sixth Form College

Advertising banners can now also be added to the Virtual Tour, which in 2018 received over 554,000 image views in the year. That's more than 10,000 per week or 1,500 per day. The cost for these banners are the same as for the Marple Website - just £2 per month (based on a 12 month agreement) plus a one-off £15 set up fee - however, they're available at a 50% discount and no further set-up fee if you take a banner on the The Marple Website, or if you are an existing advertising customer.

As above, banner rates quoted are for businesses located within the Stockport MBC boundary.

All banner customers also get a link to their site on the Virtual Tour with suitable anchor text to help their search engine rankings.

'Website Sponsor Pages' formerly 'Business Card Pages'

These are special sponsors' pages within the new Marple Website Community Directory. They can include a description of your business, full contact details including web site link (with suitable anchor text) and Facebook and Twitter links too. Your page can also include your logo and one or two suitable graphics or images. Youtube videos can also be embedded and a Google map locating your business will also be featured. An advantage of a Website Sponsor page is that they also work in conjunction with the site search engine when keywords relating to your business are used.

A 'Website Sponsor Page' is a low cost way of integrating your business with the Marple Website Community. If you have your own web site it's also a good way of bringing it to the attention of more visitors and the link to your site from the Marple Website Directory will even help to boost your Google search engine rankings.

The standard rental cost of of a 'Website Sponsor Page' is just £1 per month (based on a 12 month agreement) plus a one-off £30 set up fee. Take a look at the Marple Website's current sponsors.

As with the banners, rates quoted are for businesses located within the Stockport MBC boundary.